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It's a great service for someone who is going to buy a used car and want to make sure that the vehicle is in decent condition.

Their reports are very detailed and tell you if the car was in a wreck, flooded and other data to spot potential problems with the vehicle and determine whether it is worth purchasing.

The report I bought from Vinexpertise provided all information I wanted before I purchased my car. Great balance of price and quality.

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When I was looking to buy a vehicle, the seller told me that it has never been in any major accidents, but I decided to double check and bought the vin history report and it said that the car was wrecked twice. Thanks to Vinexpertise I didn't buy a lemon.

I decided to get a vehicle history report of my car before trying to sell it. Thanks to this service, I discovered that a part had actually been recalled and my car was eligible for free repairs. It will be much easier to sell now that it is in better shape and I’m thankful the VIN service let me know about the recall.

Helping people to reveal the vehicle history is a valueless work, thanks to this service I chose the best option from all cars I was looking to buy.

Absolutely great service! Thank you so so much for the detailed and accurate information

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with a car purchase, so I decided to carry out a VINexpertise check. All seemed to be great until I found the seller wasn't the registered keeper. So, I thought it best to find another car.

I just bought a car and I thought I'd check it to make sure all was fine. I found it was stolen. So I ended up picking up another car that was shown to be clear. Really efficient service.

I highly recommend this service; it helped me to buy a perfect car. The report is easy to read and understand and delivers the necessary information that car buyers should know.