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Vehicle History Reports – Any VIN number decoder.
Get a car’s info before buying it by checking its VIN number. Just enter the VIN number to get a complete vehicle history report.

Check the VIN number for free is an easy-to-use free service to check any VIN number. You only need to enter the correct VIN number and our search system will do the rest. We will provide you with a report with complete information about the vehicle, including any red flags that would make you reconsider buying the car. Moreover, our free service will protect you from buying stolen vehicles. So, don’t just rush into buying a car, check your VIN number for free first!

Receive all information at once in a report

Buying a vehicle is an important step and we understand your need to feel confident about your purchase.

Alternative to CARFAX

Unlike CARFAX, doesn’t charge any fees for decoding your VIN, which means complete information is conveniently put in a report that doesn’t cost you anything. CARFAX charges you for the same report, that’s why many customers prefer using our services. Once you try, you’ll come again.

Complete vehicle history is a service that provides you with complete vehicle history reports. Our site is designed for you to quickly and conveniently get a vehicle history report by entering a VIN number.

Decode any VIN number for free

The latest VIN system was designed more than 20 years ago, which makes a VIN decoder report a challenging and complicated task. With thousands of different codes used, it could take many hours to create a VIN report by yourself. That’s why was created: to make a free VIN number decoder and provide you with complete information that would be nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Don’t forget that you can’t return a used car and, always check your VIN number!

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One of the most reliable VIN check services. Millions of customers have already used our friendly service to instantly get reliable reports. Get all info about a used vehicle in one place.

Once your VIN number is checked, you will receive information about the vehicle including:

  • Total-loss, salvage, collision records
  • Theft recovery
  • Refurbished/rebuilt
  • Previously undisclosed liens
  • Odometer data: rollbacks, inspection stickers
  • Auto Auction, dealer sales
  • Rebuilt vehicle records
  • Taxi, police or business use
  • Gray market or out-of-country
  • Fire, hail and flood damage
  • VIN replaced, VIN fraud
  • Non-repairable or repaired

Always check a vehicle you’re going to buy

Find a minute and check the car you want to buy since every little detail may influence your decision and help you be more confident about your purchase. is a service that will help you make the right decision. Our database consists of more than 40 million total loss or salvage records and over 9000 junk yards, insurance carriers, auto recyclers and salvage yards.

Recalls watch list has a notification tool that checks any VIN numbers and provides you with specific data about the car such as safety recall repairs during last 15 years.

Defects watch list

All vehicles that have defects should be reported and repaired before selling them.

Smart buy CheckList understands the difficulties of buying a used car and provides you with all necessary data that make you feel confident and find the best deal. You can also find our tips useful for an upcoming purchase.

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